My Little brothers writing a story what do you think?

“Just keep running!” Cole screamed, as they turned the corner.

“Yeah because the first thing on my mind was stop and wait for the freaking thing to catch up to me!” Stephen retorted.

They kept running, although they both looked like they could collapse from exhaustion at any moment.

The thing was steadily gaining on them, (whoever said zombies moved slowly had clearly never been confronted by one).

When Stephen was sure there was a wide enough gap between them, he turned to get a better look at the zombie.

It truly was a horrific sight. Red foam was spewing out of it’s mouth and black veins slithered down it’s neck.

He could have been a handsome man before he was infected but it was almost impossible to tell as the skin on the left side of his face sagged over hiding an distinct features. He was clearly malnourished, and they were always the most dangerous. This was bad.

Stephen had sharp eyes but even he couldn’t have made out the grin that silently crept onto the zombies face, he was however put off at the sight of the zombie slowing down.

He was trying to process the sudden change in character when he collided with something hard.

He looked up too see Cole standing there in front of him, shock painted all over his face. He followed his gaze and understood it all, the shock on Cole’s face and the zombie’s sudden decrease in speed. It all made sense. They had reached a dead end.

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The zombie slowly crept up towards them. He sent a shiver down their spines with each step and could clearly smell their fear. He relished it, bathing in pride over his prey he released a strange gurgled howl that echoed throughout the narrow cul-de-sac and around the houses. It was all over. They took their last remaining steps back away from their predator and leaned against the boarded door of random house. They had lost hope in living and surrendered. “Any last words?” Stephen glared at Cole producing a false smile. “I ate your last oreo” Cole replied laughing half-heartedly.

“Wait that was you!? You little bastar-, Stephen roared before he was abruptly interrupted by a blood curdling scream.

They looked over to find the zombie halted, blood streaming from his mouth and pus weeping from his eyes.

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  • Nice.Its so Good I could Actually Visualize that in my Head.Great Job!I wish My Brother Could Write that Good.Hes autistic and Alas, STILL learning His ABCs( yrs old).

    I read this to him and he found it interesting,too.

    Rating: and a half out of

    Source(s): My friends at school always ask me to read their papers and give them feedback…:)

  • Epic

  • That is amazing!!! I love zombie books!! Your brother is talented.. I want to read more…..Tell him to keep going with his idea and storyline,and it should make a great book, in which I would buy, if it is published….

  • You lost me at “just keep running”

  • Really good! Intense, and I still managed to laugh! I love books like this, and would love to read more! It was really good. Please, write more! 🙂

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