my son doesent want to move please help?


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    Your son will just have to deal with it. You’re the parent and he’s the kid. He has to suck it up. It will take him time to adjust, but he’ll be fine after a while. Many kids react this way when they have to move; it’s normal. Don’t let your son dictate your choices. Tell him he’s going whether he likes it or not. He may be mad at you for a bit, but like I said, he’ll get over it.

  • Then you be a mom and you do what’s best for him. Even if that means you move him two hours away to join a family together. What’s more important is that he’ll have a step father in his life and boys desperately need man to guide them. You’ll be happy that you’re with your soul mate. And your family will be complete. You are the adult in this situation. You have to do what’s best. If your kid wanted to move to Mexico by himself you surely wouldn’t let him. So why is this any different? Don’t let your child dictate what you do. We love our children, but we also have to have personal lives, too. You deserve to be happy. And ultimately, he’ll be happy too. He’ll have a family together, better schools and opportunities, football, and daycare.

    My parents uprooted me from our homey town in Missouri all the way to the city in New Mexico. Talk about culture shock. But that’s life.

    He’s ten! You’ve been supporting his happy butt for ten years and I know being a single mother is NOT easy. He will cry and beg all he wants, but you know what’s best for him. Years from now he’ll be looking back at this, probably not even caring.

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    Just give it time and he’ll come around once he makes friends at his new school. Good luck.

    Source(s): I am twenty and I don’t have kids, but I have watched my single mother make sacrifices for us her entire life. She deserves to be happy. If I could give her what you have, I would in a heart beat. As an adult I have realized that every decision she made, even if I hated it at the time, was for the benefit of us kids. Your son will realize that, too. Once he matures.

  • Im pretty sure if you took him there for a weekend possibly and made sure he had a fun great time it will change his opinion. I know how you feel about the single mom thing, when I was his age I chased all the men away from my mother, but now that I am in college I wish someone would come along for her.

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