My videos folder only in Administrator account?

Please I need some help here. I just re-installed Windows XP professional on my computer, I entered Windows and I saw the “Administrator” name on the start menu. I thought it was supposed to say my name. But it´s ok. Then I went on and I created a new account with administrator privileges with my name. Now, the thing is: the ‘My Videos’ folder exists in the ‘Administrator’ account but it does not exist in this new ‘Administrator’-like account I just made! Also the first one is hidden. I don´t get it, why does Windows make you have two accounts but does not put a My Videos folder in the second one? Goddamn, can anyone answer this!? Can anyone clarify this two-account scheme for me, please??

Also, would it be fine for me to use the first/original ‘Administrator’ account that I first saw when I first entered Windows? Or am I forced to create a new one even if it means no ‘My Videos’ folder?


Thank you for you answers but I already solved the mistery. It turns out the My Videos folder is created by Windows Media Player the first time you run it, so if you create your own administrator account after you run WMP then you will not have a My Videos folder created in your new account, because the program is already set up. That is why ‘Administrator’ and ‘Guess’ accounts both do have the little ‘My Videos’ folder in them, whereas you will not. As I said, thanks to all.

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  • look for that folder in the MY DOCUMENTS folder and check if it is there

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    but yea you can just use the first administrator account without using the other you are not forced to make a new account

    hope it helps

  • delete the account that has your name, you should be able to change the name of the first admin account

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