Opinions on my plot please? …?


I’ve got an idea for a story, after you read that can you please answer the questions below


Okay, so in horror books we might think of ‘what’s in the cupboard?’ well my idea is based on horror but psychologically, like nightmares where spirits are released, the demon pays you visit, all of this is linked with our inner fears being linked with dreams



Dreams, nightmares, they’re just a mere factor of unreality. Little do you know that they have a high impact in our lives. Dreams that you are proud to have make you happy. On the other hand, nightmares, well, lets just say- they can kill you.


As I woke into the darkness I ignored the shallow gasps escaping my mouth and searched frantically around the room thrugh the blurred vision of my eyes. I was alone, and for that I was thankful yet my heartbeat was still highly audible in my ears.



) Your general opinion (also rate out of )

) The main genre is horror, would you keep it as horror or would you also like some romance in it too (I thought romance would be nice but it would ruin the…feel)

) Do you picture the main character having the dream as a male or female and what age

Thanks loads


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  • …. wow… i’d say that’d make a pretty good book rank the begining might be a god oportunity to explain how, like a future dream thing or wether it’s just the nat. human nightmare and how can it do so

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    horror and romance are usually not very good combo., in my oppinion, keep it horror

    i’d say , for this one at least, a girl you probably want her to be in her teens in my idea to go further on a pretty one thats not at the top of the op. list but in the middle.

    hope i helped good plot by the way B-)

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  • One;

    Okay. I really really liked this. No joke. Like my unedited version said; this grabbed my attention, because the Preface is so true (well, maybe not the actually killing part :P). I would suggest breaking up the first sentence with a comma, maybe like;

    As I woke into the darkness, I ignored the shallow gasps escaping my mouth and searched frantically around the room -I’m presuming ‘thrugh’ is supposed to be through?- through the blurred vision of my eyes.

    So, /. Extra marks for me enjoying it (:


    I think romance is great in any novel, because it does break it up from the main theme, a little bit of relief.


    No doubt a female. I just don’t get the male vibe. And I can’t imagine a male being petrified of a nightmare, even though I know it happens, a girl seems a lot more believable.


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  • I just wanted to say that I know a great film/series that might inspire you with your story, I just had to tell you because I’m currently watching it and it got me into the same thinking “space” that I think you’re in, it’s a little old, from , but I’m sure you’ll find it at a video store, “Kingdom Hopital”.

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    Stephen and Tabitha King helped with the making of it.

  • The nerd falls for the cheerleader The social outcast falls for the quarterback. Love triangles (although I’m guilty of writing this as a supporting part of my story. But I do try to make it non generic)

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