Swedish symbolism (Society)?

So Im in grade and for our project, we need to create an artifact that symbolizes an aspect of worldview for our country (Im doing sweden). Im planning on creating an artifact of a viking, so can anyone tell me the relation between vikings and swedish society today? If not, please reccomend somethign that metaphorically … Read more

How was Joseph E. Johnston a great leader in the civil war?

✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer He was Brigadier General and fought with both Sherman and Beauregard. Source(s): Parry, Melanie (ed) – Chambers Biographical Dictionary: Centenary Edition. Edinburgh: Chambers: , p. He fought against Sherman but with Beauregard. He was a Brigadier General in the Union Army before the Civil War and resigned his commission and … Read more

What do you think of my haiku?

have courage to hope — though the darkness may linger, the sun can fight it. ————— does it make sense? lol Update: yeah..i didn’t like my ‘lol’ either. I just added it not to sound snobbish online, then regretted it later on anyway. And yes, yes. I know haikus are supposed to be touchy feely … Read more

what are the topics of shakespeare’s sonnets?

✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer Romance, aging, youth, nature, the durability of Shakespeare’s writing. The passage seems to declare your dad died. final present previously he died expiration humorous element is the money you asked for could be long gone quicker than the charger’s usefulness dwindled. As a sonnet is going, i’m uncertain of the … Read more

poetry terms in poems?

can you do poems using these poetry terms here they are simile, metaphor, imagery, tempo, poetry slam, personification, repetition, pause, rhythm, emphasis, enunciation, crescendo and decrescendo, spoken word poetry, pick nine words and create nine poems as example of the words you choose ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer The following should help you get started:- … Read more


What were the issues that revolved around the warsaw pact? Please help thank you 🙂 Answer? Favorite Answer The Warsaw pact I think was when Russia signed a treaty with Germany during world war two so they don’t attack each other (Only to have Hitler double cross). in this pact, Hitler agreed that Stalin and … Read more

Out of million Europeans exterminated by the Nazis, why has only one group become so important?

During the Third Reich, it is estimated that and million people through out Europe were exterminated by the Nazis. This includes Jews, Gypsies, Soviet prisoners of war, Polish and Russian civilians, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other political and religious opponents, regardless of whether they were of German or non-German ethnic origin. They … Read more