Photography for dummys?

I will be doing my next babies pictures due in Dec. I had all of my sons done at sears but that shut down and cant afford a photographer for all months of pictures, so ive decided to them. have been told that im pretty good. just need so tips

best time of day to do them indoor and out. don’t have the fancy lights

any info would be great help

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  • Take pictures with your camera. Lots of therm! And get the film developed so you can see what you’ve got you can use in your calender photos. If you have a digital camera, look at the pictures and discard unusable ones, save or transfer to a computer the good pictures.

    That way you will be able to see if you have usable images. Plus find out of you are operating the camera well enough to take usable pictures!

    And taking lots of pictures, remember the lighting conditions especially the ones the pictures didn’t come out. You can think/try something else to make the pictures come out or avoid those lighting conditions altogether!

    This way you won’t have to buy lots of equipment. You just learn how to look at light and with experience know when to take pictures,

    Sounds like a fun project!

  • Here are a couple of links:…….

    In December (in the northern hemisphere) it may not be advisable to take a newborn outdoors for a portrait shoot. So I’d plan it for inside. If you have a north exposure window you have a nice light source. You can hang a blanket or sheet for a backdrop. Use a fairly wide aperture to throw the bg out of focus. Turn off the flash. Use reflectors to get little light into the shadow side. This can be something as simple as a sheet of white poster paper. Plan on shooting a lot of frames.

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    Congratulations and happy shooting!

  • Make sure you have a light background such as against a white wall or nice light coloured one but no direct light shining behind otherwise the baby will be shadowed, lights behind the photographer work, when you’re outside too, make sure the sin isn’t in the camera shot, preferably behind you. Other than that it’s just experimenting.

    Good luck!

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