Poetry help on Sylvia Plath’s "Edge" please?

so I was assigned Sylvia Plath’s poem “Edge”..Ive annotated it and I understand the poem completely BUT we have to write a paper centering the entire paper upon a thesis question that encapsulates the entire poem…and idk I think I’m having a mental block or something…but I don’t have the slightest idea on what to base my question on and I have absolutely no idea what my three paragraphs would utilize in the poem that would be meaty enough to defend my argument..any help would be greatly appreciated..I just need a push to get the ideas rolling…

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  • Wait… So your university or lecturer makes you ask a thesis question in this expository or descriptive essay?


    I was about to ask “What is the theme of “Edge” by Sylvia Plath?” but that’s a bit simplistic, it’s a good question though.

    What is “Edge” by Sylvia Plath about?

    The theme and topic of this poem could easily dominate paragraphs. Just describe the poem and analyse the poem.

    Source(s): I don’t have much experience with “thesis questions”.

    What is the essay question? Is is “make your own question”?

  • Nikki, if you included the textof the poem you would get more answers, since most of your readers do not have it handy.

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