Pole dancing classes in Pensacola,fl?

Anyone know of any good pole dancing class in Pensacola or pace area? Not too expensive. Or a belly dancing class? Basically me and some friends wanna start taking classes for fun and to Learn new things and keep fit so any ideas feel free to throw those In too!(:

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  • Here’s a list of Belly Dance classes I found in Florida.


    I have pole danced for years and I have done some belly dancing. They are very different. However, both are fun. I love pole dancing. i didn’t seem to be able to find any pole dancing studios in Pensacola. However, you might want to do the online thing. I suggest.


    You can buy a pole and put it in your living room or something and you and your friends can practice together.

    I suggest




    The easiest pole for grip is a brass one.

    Hope that helps.

  • Pole Dancing Classes Florida

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  • Of course a man can take pole dancing classes provided there is room in the class. You might want to check with the club or studio to make sure that the pole can adequately hold your weight and momentum, though.

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