Poll: ….HOW DO I CONVERT A LESB!AN………………………??????…

This might seem crazy….

But I know a Girl who is really hott and I have heard she loves the Carpet!

Do you think I can convert her to liking Sausages?????????? and if you answer “YES” then please give me some ideas on how to do it!!!

Thanks In advance!

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  • Convert her, no. But if you smoke weed with her, you might get to hook up with her.

  • Well, sausages and carpets are of a completely different category. If she likes carpet that means that she probably likes to walk around without her shoes off, or maybe she just likes the decoration. Her liking carpets has nothing to do with whether she likes sausages or not, I mean you eat sausages, while all you do is cover your floor with a carpet. If you want her to like you, you can buy her a nice carpet at bed bath and beyond. If you are so unsure as to whether she likes sausages, get to know her and ask her in casual conversation.

    Would you like a hot dog?

    You’ll know wether she likes sausages or not based on her answer.

  • Just show her that you’re not an insensitive piece of sh*t like most other guys. Show that you care about her feelings (even if you don’t), listen to her, be there for her. Be able to talk to her about anything. & then give her the best sex of her life.

  • Can we ‘convert’ you to liking sausage?

    There’s your answer.

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  • uum have sex with her

    nothing feels better then a dick


  • You can’t.

    Its scientifically proven.

    Answer my question plzzzz: ;_ylt=AhBA…

  • “Does this rag smell like chloraform?”


  • i agree^^

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