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    Important core issues: Ppl CONFUSE TRUTH-offends many/HATE. Sadly Mu”harm”ud=false prophet=Allah doesnt exist-Prv:). B I get involved I research both things about/against it=no regrets later. Islam’s a scam(eternal truth cant change): All men can hate under any title but Quran verses allow violent ppl more excuses kill opposition/insulting its beliefs-Islam claims b only religion-why Izscam bids belief change. Koran science claims already in Bible/seen w/o koram/ vague/science cant prove claim.

    Koran denies Jesus is God’s Son/died on a cross(only perfect sacrifice our sins=Only Jesus can give sins)/rose rm the dead(some muslims call Him Messiah yet deny His Deity). Israel’s God is real-Sons of God r thru Isaac not Ishmael-great doesnt=of God. Allah is generic word God mostly used by Izscam-Satan uses word”submission” fool ppl who dont know real Jesus(confuses ppl-PBUH may seem add respect/Izscam claims Bible proves islam but Bible’s corrupt is nonsense. Muslims/others live by God’s Law-punishment=death=U CANT LIVE W/O breaking God’s eternal Law=sin=need real Jesus.

    Only God can occupy infinity-God of Israel=no other legit gods exist-only fully proved b/c Jesus is God’s Son&wasnt talking out nors of sides of His mouth=no confusion-Qorap distorts Bible truth.

    Labels/titles/names, history/# of members/converts, amount of time it existed nor claims made about them(ie persecution)means anything-u can name anything anything. Whats practiced makes it whole truth or a lie-dict def doesnt always cover God’s full def/word usage/excep. Jesus/Bible prophets wernt muslims as islam claims-name a dog god-doesnt make it God.

    Muslims r told the Bible has many errors/rewritten&korap is”the”perfect holy book. Bible has errors only if u dont accept Jesus as God’s real Son/u dismiss God’s Biblical truth. God’ll give u whats in ur heart-dismiss Jesus-He’ll harden ur hateful heart.

    Muslims r told the Bible has many errors/rewritten&korap is”the”perfect holy book. Bible has errors only if u dont accept Jesus as God’s real Son/u dismiss God’s Biblical truth. God’ll give u whats in ur heart-dismiss Jesus-He’ll harden ur hateful heart.

    Jesus is only way salvation(Acts :=on personal level)not Islam(God didnt send Muharmud-NO NEW prophets after Jesus=all new-teaching prophets r false). Izscam=cant find God-only clear who knows real Jesus. False teachings cancel all u claim. When If u dont accept Jesus’ death/resurrection&true position/Biblical teachings-result is false teachings=kills u/offspring. Many ways”SEEM”right but its end=death=cant worship in both truth/error.

    Religion&spirit of doesnt=the truth/most r built on ideas man likes/seen as good control masses/agendas(fatal mistakes)/cant teach much on God-CANT ALL B RIGHT(only Bible-why so many interprs? Pet :-=cant teach what u dont know). Who knows more about a house-the Builder/ppl moving in later?

    In history only Jesus said w/o Him u cant know God(Jn :/Acts :/Jn :/:,)=whole truth or God doesn’t know what He’s doing=cant b God. If Jesus is whom He says He is all NEW teaching/other beliefs/rm self-proclaimed prophets/teachers r godless or He’s more false teacher ignore.

    *If Jesus is God’s Son then Quran-contradicts Bible; LDS/BoM/mormon-no”another testament”; JWs-twisted NWT/Watchtower/Awake/Oc-RCc; many Protestants-kept Cc wrong format/thDA/moonies, Christian Scientists, Scientology/Buddhists/Hindus, others r wrong on Jesus-demotes Jesus prophet/good man- way/another. If He isnt God’s Son(false prophet)then Bible/all named above r wrong=false prophets-cant hv it ways-only Jesus= true Gospel= Cor :.

    Many believe in but dont know Jesus-even Satan knows Him. Wrong teaching foundation cancels all ur claims=house built on sand-when sand gives way whole house&all u added/patched/fixed “appear”better falls=useless try patch tire full of holes.

    Jesus couldnt do whats in NT w/o fully knowing whole OT-impossible w/o God/NT didnt exist yet/Apostles couldnt write NT w/o Jesus having them remember all He did-Lk :-,.

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    God outsmarted us: Reading a Bible(religious/not)u cant find/rightly know Jesus/Bible w/o His directions-Jn :/:,/:,(Jn :/II Cor :/Is :-~Jewish ppl cant unveil OT w/o Jesus=all gentiles cant=why many interps exist/called fiction). Jesus came with a (not)-edged(OT/NT= witnesses)sword of division. U can lead a horse water but cant make it drink.

    Jesus’ resurrection defeated evil/sin or no’d b saved. Jesus ate food reassure disciples of connection btwn Spirit/physical life. If Jesus didnt die/resurrect/fulfill OT Law all r wasting their time=sin cant b given=eternal Hell.


    Source(s): God doesnt bypass eternal truth-if u do it=no Heaven. If day u find orig Quwan, proved b a perfect copy of day’s Qurap it wouldnt b anymore true than rst official text=not worth paper its written on. What Jesus taught came rm OT(validates NT)-NT explains OT truth-whole truth was rm start the same-emphasis on not going byond whats written(Cor :)=SEAMLESS garment-whole truth is complete within its pages-Both God/Jesus never change no matter what languages its translated . Why would a man born of human man&woman b allowed replace/hold higher status than born of God which korap admits about Muharmud vs Jesus? God’s truth is ever unchanged while man’s religions/gods die with him. Why should God want u live with Him ever if u dont want know Him His way?

  • Dear,

    What I think about seeing the picture you shared… I thing there are two important reasons. The first one and prime reason is just a matter or upbringing or making the lame excuse as he has been in such an activity. The second one which is even much more better and important is how the media is portraying the things. I have a degree in media but really don’t believe that media (whether it is Asian, European etc.) are playing a positive role in especially image building of the people. The total game media is playing is to gather the audience and improve their TRP… So may be the real story is something else but the way it is being portrayed is something else.

    And above all are my thoughts and I declare here that I am not a religious (Muslim) scholar but I know that what he has done is a wrong deed and is really a big question mark in Islam.

    That’s all what I can say. I would love to have more comments.


    PhD student

  • My friend. If i tell you this would you shut up and stop talking about something that happened years ago?

    Muhammad had his reasons to marry a year old child. Islamic reasons to spread Islam. This is why he married her. But if you keep complaining about a thing that happened years ago, then get lost and talk to yourself with it in your room. Don’t become a person that misunderstands things like jerks do. That guy in the picture has his own life. Do you want me to go punch him now? Or yell at him to stop doing this? I am not his father and so are you. Let him marry a month baby. That is non of your business.

    Like i said everyone has his own life, some crazy, and some intelligent. Muhammad is a perfect human and he is the best on earth. If you are not a Muslim, then don’t bother talking about him because you don’t need to know about him and Islam unless you want to convert. Otherwise the info i said to you is not important because you are not converting if your not a Muslim. Leave others alone and let them get whatever they want. Non of these has to do with Islam.

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  • You really do not want an answer.

    Not sure where climate (weather) or mountain top (summit) comes in.

    Or the relevance of historicity (Though Islam

    came centuries after the bronze age)

    Do you use mathematics tables which are far older?

  • I’m not sure if you’re here for a honest response so I won’t go into detail. I just want to say that I’m % sure this guy knew about the law but he’s trying to justify his crime with religion. The catch is in his texting with her. Good Muslims don’t talk with the opposite gender at all. And we don’t have sex before marriage. We’re not even allowed to touch a girl. So how can he be a Muslim if he’s not following the very basic rules?

  • He is just trying to justify his own pedophilia. He knew what he was doing. Correct me if I am wrong but devout Muslims are forbidden from associating with the opposite sex apart from blood relatives and wives. If he had the follow through to groom a girl on Facebook then he is aware of what he was doing, his deluded religious beliefs aside, he should be chucked into jail with the other disgusting pedos.

    The Maddrassa should be shut down, his parents done for neglect he has obviously been brainwashed, a madrassa is not a school, it only teaches nonsense.

    I❤ISLAM – So if a Muslim guy “marries” a little underage girl then its okay? Wow

    Mat – Aisha was not its even worse

  • It has nothing to do with the Qur’an, there is a saying in a prophetic tradition in a set which were compiled around yrs after Muhammad’s (pbuh) death for which there are various schools of thought pertaining to the authenticity.

  • Asked the same question earlier and was accused of making up stories, well done on link.

  • The Quran is not our life, its a way of guiding us to the right path. That man obviously misinterpreted the Quran which led him to this terrible action.

  • he obviously was taught wrong

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