Requirements for pointe shoes?

I have been dancing for years. I have taken tap, jazz, lyrical, and ballet. And this summer I am taking ballet and pre pointe. What do you need to be able to do to get into pointe shoes? It’s been a dream of mine ever since i was little and I am very determined. Thanks!

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  • You will be ready for pointe shoes when you can use your turnout without sickling, you have a strong core and leg and feet muscles, proper good technique, and you have been dancing for a good while. (+ hours a week for going up in a year and a half to years. Anything under hours, go up in about /- years.)

    If you do not have the proper training or strength, you will not be able to go en pointe safely. Your instructor will be the only one that will know when you are ready. Going up too soon may cause serious injury or permanent damage to your feet. The. You would never be able to dance again. You may want to ask your instructor if you are ready. If she says that you are not, ask her for tips that would help you to get ready.

    You also didn’t mention your age. If you are under twelve, going en pointe shouldn’t be permitted anyways. This is because your the plates inside of your feet have not stopped growing. So going up may cause them to not grow correctly or just stop growing.

    Source(s): I am a pre professional ballet student. I train – hours a week plus rehearsals. I have been en pointe for two years.

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  • If you’re taking pre-pointe, you can expect to go on pointe in about a year. I took it for before pointe since I’m the youngest in my class by a year and skipped a level. Ask your dance teacher when you can expect to go on pointe and keep doing those releves!

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