Survey: Do You Like Jeff Hardy? If Yes leave a Star, if no dont leave a star?


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  • I’m KIND OF a fan of Jeff Hardy, but I’m more of not a fan, at least of the WWE version.

    In TNA he was at his wildest and most ferocious. He was still not a very technically sound wrestler, but he was a lot more colorful in TNA than he was in WWE, like an actual comic book character. His song back in TNA was trippy and funky and I believe it is the definitive Jeff Hardy theme song.

    So for the TNA Hardy, I leave a star.


  • there’s a trickiness to that, i’d leave a * if your refering to when jeff hardy was with his brother back when WWF was around but i’d leave a blank for the new and improved jeff hardy that has emerged after WWF became WWE…

    i don’t know which one to leave..

    Source(s): oldschool wrestling fan00

  • *1


  • Yeah i respect the person who Jeff is in life so i don’t judge him


  • Yer


  • i love jeff hardy. he rocks !!!!


    not a big enough star!!!!


  • like him isnt a strong enough word, so can i leave lots n lots of stars.




  • Yes I do, I’m not dumb enough to star…

    Source(s): Sorry, about your damn luck!11

  • * i got to meet him and matt once and they where both really nice people


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