What is the best way to clean drip pans for a stove without having to replace them?

βœ… Answers πŸ₯‡ Favorite Answer take them out and scrub them with sos pads Source(s): p First, use a scrub sponge and Dawn. I assume you have the baked on grease and dirt? Buy some oven cleaner. Follow directions on the label. It’s the only way to dissolve the burnt grease. Source(s): Housecleaner Dawn Power … Read more

Spray Paint on clothing?

Hey, I am in need of a certain coloured pair of pants for Halloween and I have had no luck finding them. I’m thinking of spray-painting a pair of dark blue cords (corduroy pants) I have, burgundy. Would this work? I don’t care if I ruin the pants. βœ… Answers πŸ₯‡ Favorite Answer If you … Read more