Have any animals that have been saved by the endangered species act helped us in medical history?

✅ Answers 🥇 Best Answer A lot of species have been saved from the brink of extinction. They’re have been some, but not many that have helped us in medica history. Probably not. You can’t use an endangered animal as an experimental one, for obvious reasons. It is possible that there are some that produce … Read more

Environmental law question?

Can anybody provide at least two laws passed that deal with 1) unsustainable agriculture 2) habitat loss. 3) pollution. Thanks in advance, any replies are very much appreciated. ✅ Answers 🥇 Best Answer Habitat destruction law and Air Pollution Control Act Using google, go to the government websites for either your nation, state or municipality. … Read more

California conservation corps?

Could a 5’2″ 140 chubby weak little 18 year old guy physically keep up with the others in california conservation corps? ✅ Answers 🥇 Best Answer Yes, of course if he is capable of that. Oh, definitely. No problem. Check out the website and see for yourself. Source(s): http://www.ccc.ca.gov/Pages/default.aspx