My dog is is acting weird?

My dog sleeps a lot (not lately, just originally) and when we first got him he was so hyper and stuff (now he’s 3 years old). But now he’ always super hyper and wide awake at 11: pm- 4: am. And he sleeps in my room every night, but every night, he scratches at the … Read more

What is this spot on my puppy’s belly?

She is a 3 month old Bolognese puppy, and very suddenly formed this strange growth on her lower abdomen. It is about the size of a pencil eraser, kind of a square oval shape, looks scabish, is brown with black speckles in it, and seems to be spreading to other very small dots around the … Read more

My dog seems disoriented?

Yesterday I gave my dog worming tablets (Bob Martin) ,I haven’t used them before. This morning when I woke up he seemed unbalanced, and at times was seen to be holding his head to one side. He is still eating, drinking and playing as normal. However when he gets up from sleep etc hes seems … Read more

Ant bites are behaving like allergy lumps?

my girl has skin allergeys and has very sensitive skin. she got some ant bites along her back weeks ago, they have never really gone away, did medicate and cream her, but every now and then they swell up and look new again? i use her cream from vet but it doesnt seem to help? … Read more

Why Does Everyone Say Adopt, Don't Buy?

I mean, I TOTALLY understand puppy mills, and agree with not buying from stores ( or the mills directly ), and think adopting is a wonderful idea. However, we currently own 2 dogs. One, ( 10 years old ), was bought ( with a brother ) from someone who bred the pups themselves. I don’t … Read more

Why does my dog have bags under her eyes?

She is about five years old and recently when we have taken her on walks her eyes are a little bloodshot and she has bags under her eyes. It also looks like she has tears filled in her eyes. I’m thinking its allergies? ✅ Answers ? Best Answer might be. You should ask your vet. … Read more