Ram and Dwarf Gourami not getting along?

My Dwarf Gourami is the biggest bully in my 29 gallon tank. Both my ram and gourami are males and I was wondering if I got one or both of them a mate if that could mellow them out. Ideas? Update: Dwarf Gourami is a bully to the whole tank. I have two kio angels, … Read more

Ideal home for a ghost shrimp?

I want to get some (or one) ghost shrimp. I also have a 5 gallon tank with a betta. Is it ok to put a ghost shrimp in the tank or should I get a new tank? If so, what temperature should I keep the tank at and how big should it be? Thanks! 5 … Read more

Can weather loaches live with the wee hong kong plecos/butterfly hillstream loach need to know asap?

Need to no now 3 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer Hi Thomas Not really, no. Weather Loaches wouldn’t cope with the fast moving river setup required for Hillstream Loaches. Best wishes Source(s): Experienced fishkeeper10 There are comments of climate loaches attaining 20 inches in length. the common climate loach saved in aquariums is 5 to … Read more

South African Cichlid tank mates?

Will they get along with Dwarf Gouramis or White Skirt tetras? 1 Answer 🥇 Favorite Answer The answer is no and even if they did the water parameters will likely stress some of the fish as they like different conditions 10

Why isn't my betta fish eating?

I have a little cave in my fish bowl and my betta always just stays in that when I feed him. When he finally comes out he still doesn’t eat! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! His temperature is perfect and the tank is clean. Please help I’m worried about the little guy ( … Read more

My betta fish is losing color?!?

I keep it in a .5 gallon tank. One of those marina betta kits. Lately, it’s been losing its blue green colorand its fins looks weird. Now its a pale blue. And what I mean by weird is that is sorta has jagged fins It’s a delta tail. It will also rest on the gravel. … Read more


My tank is a 55 gallon, heated to around 24 degrees. A little background would be that i have treated for ick awhile back and i have had to remove two neon tetras recently for what i believe is neon tetra disease(when i treated for fungal infection nothing happened, they just continue to get worse) … Read more