what is red?

✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer Red is indeed a color as black or blue or white. Red is often associated to fire, blood, the devil(satan, the red dragon), or the color of shame. And also in the infrared wavelenght, that allow to see throught things according to the heat/cold signature. blood is only reddish when … Read more

What are the best resources to research African American geneology?

✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer These sites are specifically dedicated to African-American research. You will find more sites listed within the sites as you explore… http://www.afrigeneas.com/ http://www.cyndislist.com/african.htm http://afamgenealogy.ourfamily.com/ http://afamgenealogy.ourfamily.com/ Source(s): Google Whats a African American? The Mormons have the hook-up on the geneology thang… try the Geneological Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. The probably … Read more

How can i find about my ancestors online?

✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer The most comprehensive list of genealogical resources on the Internet can be found at http://www.cyndislist.com/ http://www.usgenweb.org/ is a free site that is building genealogical records for the entire United States. Finally, http://www.ancestry.com/ is a for-profit site offering a variety of search tools and an extensive set of databases that can … Read more

how old is santa?

✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer Source(s): http://lnstar.com/mall/main-areas/santafaq.htm His age is unkonown, but here’s some background historical information about him… Santa Claus (also known as Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santy or simply Santa) is a folk hero in various cultures who distributes gifts to children, normally on Christmas Eve. Each name is … Read more

Poll. What nationality are you ….?

I am German……Pennsylvania Dutch……….and Indian♥ ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer african american Unless you are a citizen of Germany, your nationality is not one whit German. It might be part of your ancestral heritage but it is no way your nationality. Your nationality denotes where you were born and if you become a naturalized citizen … Read more

What nationality do I look?

I am the one on the right. My hair is naturally blonde with a few highlights, and those are my natural eyes. Based on my features, what nationality/heritage would you say I look? http://pic.picturetrail.com/VOL//… ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer You look Polish or Swedish or Russian. Instead of “nationality,” you probably mean “ethnicity.” “Heritage” is … Read more