what did adams think of Hamilton? and why?

im john adams,mr. Hamilton Answer? Favorite Answer Alexander Hamilton vs. John Adams Adams lacked the loyal base of party support that Jefferson enjoyed. Alexander Hamilton, the Federalists’ leading political strategist, did not like or trust President Adams. Hamilton determined to try to replace Adams with his vice presidential running mate, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. To accomplish … Read more

What did the countries pledge to do at the Helsinki accords?

help!!!!!! What did the countries pledge to do at the Helsinki accords? Answer? Favorite Answer Principles Guiding Relations Between Participating States I. Sovereign equality, respect for the rights inherent in sovereignty II. Refraining from threat or use of force III. Inviolability of frontiers IV. Territorial integrity of States V. Peaceful settlement of disputes VI. Non-intervention … Read more

what were the three changes in the economic systems in europe during the age of the commercial revolution?

its simple just the question above… Answer? Favorite Answer Commercial Revolution, Great increase in commerce in Europe that began in the late Middle Ages. It received stimulus from the voyages of exploration undertaken by England, Spain, and other nations to Africa, Asia, and the New World. Among the features associated with it were a surge … Read more

. South Carolinians call the Tariff of the “tariff of abominations” because?

a. it drove the price of European goods beyond their ability to pay. b. it reminded them of Parliament’s taxation policy that produced the American Revolution. c. it was passed by Congress without their approval. d. the law exempted products produced in New England from taxation. ✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer The Tariff of Abominations … Read more

Why was the Battle of Aughrim more important than the Battle of the Boyne?

✅ Answers ? Favorite Answer The highpoint of Northern Ireland’s loyalist marching season, which often leads to sectarian clashes, is a celebration of the Protestant victory at the Battle of the Boyne. King James II, a Catholic, ruled England until when a Protestant conspiracy convinced the Dutch Prince William of Orange, later William III, to … Read more

History Help Please!!!!!?

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a similar to the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor in that it drove the United States to commit to war. True or False President Nixon advocated ___________ as an economic stimulus. Question answers tax breaks deficit spending buying stocks on margin none of the above Ultimately, the Watergate Scandal cost … Read more

Question about the Humanist movement?

What major events happened during the humanist movement? and what role did religion have in the humanist movement? Answer? Favorite Answer The basic tenet of the humanist movement is human beings hold control over their own environment and destiny. Humanism can be practised by those who hold strong religious views as well as those who … Read more