Need help writing a java pet class with these conditions!?

Write the Pet, Dog and Snake classes as follows to support the Pets client class. Pet Instance variable(s): a name of type String Constructor(s): a 1-arg constructor to initialize name Accessor method(s): return name toString method: return “pet “ followed by the name of the pet Dog extends Pet Additional instance variable(s): a weight of … Read more

Make myself into an Avatar?

Whats a cool website to make myself into an avatar. like the movie? heres the website i found some that were made:… just looking for a free program or website that could do this (not cartoon pleasee) thanks(:<3 1 Answer ? Favorite Answer Or 00

Why am I getting this error when I'm trying to run my first java application?

ok so I recently downloaded the JDK SE 6 i bought a book, and i’m starting with it’s first program it’s called saluton mondo [hello world], and i really don’t think i wrote the program incorrectly i’ve compiled the program by saying “javac” in the command prompt, and it’s successfully added a Saluton.class file … Read more