TH Family: I’m a bit confused?

okayy so we have our TH Family but what’s TH Group? I see soo many people that have that in their names =/ are there two “families” here now? :S

Poll: did you finish your homework!? xD


omg, I keep posting it in the suggested category! D: sorry about that!

Update :

@ Lady Of Sorrows: if you love TH then you’re a part of the family! 😀

@ αввєу αυтσмαтι¢ gιяℓ ♥THgroup♫: alright thanks for explaining [: and you’re more then welcome to answer the questions!

@Researcher: I posted this in the wrong category but TH means Tokio Hotel (=

Update :

answer my other questions! ^_^


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  • Hello

    The TH group is the Italian family on the Tokio Hotel, excuse us if we come to answer to your questions XD

    Source(s): You excuse for the errors but I am using a translator

  • WTF!!??

    We’re all one big family, where the heck did the TH group come from!?

    It’s either one of the :

    . They put group intead of family but it still meant the same thing


    . There’s another TH loving family.



    Well mostly because I don’t have any, but my mum’s making me learn Hindi and I have to write every letter out for like two pages so I better get on with that.

    Tom Kaulitz eva: My mum basically wants me to write a letter to my grandad who always gets at my mum cause me and my sister don’t know Hindi (we can understand Hindi, it’s just we don’t read, write or speak it) so now she’s having us do all these pages of the same letter. She goes on about something called a “matra” (excuse me if I’ve spelt it wrong) , I don’t have a clue what it is.


    Hindi is pretty interesting, execpt my mum is so bad at teaching she could make German (my best and most interesting subject) seem like maths:(

    The only thing I enjoy about my mum’s Hindi lessons is doodling on my hindi books (like it has rubbish drawings of girls and boys which I can doodle on)

  • Erhmm…I’ve never heard of it. We’re a family..not two separate groups. God why can’t we all just be happy together? ahaha.

    POLL: Erhmm..not exactly. I’m watching the VMA’s right now and I haven’t been on Y!A in SO long that I decided these two are much more important. xD Hopefully I wont be up at doing it. :/

  • I don’t know about that. I love TH but i think i don’t belong to any TH family or TH group. Which makes me sad :'( I asked a question about them but almost all the anwers were rude. Ok whatever.

    and i haven’t finished my homework cuz i don’t have any. I’m on holiday.

    edit: really? yays!! cool~ thank you… ;D

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  • i think they are the same as th family but they put group instead of family.

    i’m almost done with my homework

  • What?! Where did you see this?

    I hope it’s just someone calling the Family a group, which I don’t have a problem with.

    Nope. I’m putting of doing it….as you can see ^^

  • i go with 丰Heilig♥丰 , i guess she is right

    i think people just call it with other name , or it can be a group like THFU , yeh its their n its something like community on yahoo answers,

    See also  Do you think it's very weird that a few people have met one of their great-great-grandparents?

    umm bdw i was off from interent from last weeks so if anything happened in those weeks then i don’t know


    Poll: No , my exams are going o but see still i m on internet , lolz

    丰Heilig♥丰 :bdw , i m indian so if u need any help with Hindi just ask me , lolz , bdw is it interesting?

  • lol what?

    We are all one family. I didn’t know there was another TH family on Y!A

    poll: i didn’t even do my homework yet ;]

  • I am more than a bit confused by the question. What is TH Family/

    TH Group?

    I also do not understand =/. In charts this could mean a child produced by two people who where not married, but I have never seen it use that much in modern chart or as part of a name.

    But this question doesn’t seem to apply to Genealogy.

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher + years

  • no idea

    poll: yep 😀

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