The Java programming language is a high-level language that can be characterized by all of the following buzzw?


*Object oriented





*Architecture neutral


*High performance

*Multi threaded



Explain the meaning of each of these buzzwords.

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  • Simple – many high level languages encapsulate tedious tasks into easy to understand implementations, Java is one of them

    Object oriented – the programming paradigm whereby a template (class) is a cookie cutter to make instances (objects) which have an autonomy of their data and control of it. In such a methodology, there exist hierarchies, where parent classes can have children classes that inherit attributes from the parent

    Distributed – Communication between objects (the calling of methods) does not have to reside on the same machine, let alone the same application

    Interpreted – Instead of compiling to a specific architecture, you instead compile to a generic byte code which will work on any machine, because it is the interpreter that is compiled specifically to the machine. The program can then be tossed around without recompiling, since it is interpreted

    Robust – The ability to enforce quality control through such things as error handling

    Secure – Speaks for itself. In the context of java, it allows you to put up barriers with things like the keyword private

    Architecture neutral – see Interpreted

    Portable – see Interpreted

    High performance – This one is vague. Some people consider high performance to be the ease with which code is produced, others think performance means pure numbers and speed.

    Multi threaded – Can make use of more than one thread if the OS supports it. Threading simply means synchronous execution of code

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    Dynamic – It can change on the fly somewhat

    Cross-platform – see Interpreted

  • The languages supplies you you some equipped-in issues like key words and purposes that carry out some predefined projects. You boost a software using this prebuilts. This prebuilts are defined via the language developer in the laptop language bits and bytes. whenever you run a software that’s compiled (in case of C,C++) or interpreted then compiled (in case of Java). This step makes specific of no syntatical errors in this methodology and produces a compiled code (.obj document (C,C++) or byte code (Java)). This compiled code is now accomplished i.e., instructions are performed as stated. This technique of compilation is performed via compiler. The compiler is a gadget, which interprets severe-point language to gadget-point and vice-versa. those instructions are given to the processor chips using ssome command words. The processor chips are additionally programmed. shall we first see how a chip works. each processor has a meeting language linked with it. This language instructions are like writing words as a substitute of sequence of bits or bytes. The command words are the sequence of bits whose each and each piece or team of bits defines a particular functionality. The processor recieves the command observe reads each and each piece and produces the needed output in one in all those sequence of bits and sends to the questioning gadget. actual this processor chip works with the voltages; bit representing decrease volt or volts and a million-bit representing bigger voltage or any beneficial voltage (relies upon on the chip). On recieving the result from the chip, the compiler converts it into the needed type and promises the output on the exhibit screen. i attempted to describe with my finished potential, wish it is going to sparkling your doubts.

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