Weird Computer Problems?

I have an alienware laptop. So 1st of all it wasn’t recognizing my dell charger as a dell chargerand not charging for a week , then when i came home today, it was fully charged. What the heck is wrong with my laptop?

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    hmm……maybe your lappie’s been HYPNOTISED!!!

    hahaha!!!! relax!!!, it’s a common problem, of the battery…

    but you should be happy, that it’s getting charged by itself!!!!!

    Maybe, you should experiment on it, and maybe you could find the key to an ENTIRELY NEW SOURCE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE!!!!!!!…..something, that the world badly needs today….

    Go on….Start experimenting..Or if you are not interested in that kind of stuff, you should just get it checked by a laptop technician, and maybe, just change the battery…

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