What Ancestry runs through your Family Tree?

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  • English and Choctaw Indian. So, does that mean I should be mad at my people for taking my people’s land? It’s a conundrum, I tell ya.

  • My father is English….and I have thought for a while that he may have some Scottish ancestry, too….but I am not sure about that. My mother is American….and her ancestry (as far as I know) is mainly English, Welsh and Swiss. I know a lot more about my mother’s side of the family than my father’s….and in this respect, I think my mother’s side is probably a lot more interesting!

  • In older records you may not be able to find a birth certificate but may be able to find a birth date from other records. For example the social security death index will usually give you a birth date, or a tombstone at the cemetery. I have done quite a bit of research without certificates I do realize they are not necessarily % accurate but neither are birth certificates especially for ancestors farther back because a lot of times they applied for delayed birth certificates and gave the wrong date. If you would like i will be happy to help with your gggrandparents. Just send me an email with the information you have on your ggrandparents where they were born where they lived and died etc. I will send the information i found and how I found it.

  • You just had to remind me of the family tree stuff I am suppose to be doing for my uncle, dang. I have much more fun on here. We have a few I would call my Dad but then I will be in trouble not a good question to ask him, so I am guessing some Irish, dutch a few along that lines.

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  • Irish and Finnish. My mom’s family, Irish, settled in the United States before the revolutionary war, my father’s, the Finnish settled here before before my dad was born.

  • German, Polish, Lithuanian, Irish, and Tyrolian (Now a region of Northern Italy/Southern Austria).

  • From what I know, Black & Native American Indian (not sure what tribe), & possibly French Creole. But my biological mother keeps lying to me, & she won’t tell me who my real father is. The rest of my family said that the man named on my birth certificate isn’t me & my twin sister’s father. We were in foster care for yrs.

  • Totally Anglo-Saxon.

  • English




    American Indian


    Source(s): currently working on my family tree

  • Dad’s side~ Mennonite

    Mom’s side~ Ukrainian

    Foster children I have raised~mainly Oji-Cree

    Oldest brother Mom had before she met Dad~Ukrainian, French and Saulteaux

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