What are the best resources to research African American geneology?

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  • These sites are specifically dedicated to African-American research. You will find more sites listed within the sites as you explore…





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  • Whats a African American?

  • The Mormons have the hook-up on the geneology thang… try the Geneological Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. The probably have a web site too.

  • The best way I can think that you could research African American geneology is the internet!!

    Source(s): www.Ancestry.com

  • African American is a misnomer. Unless you are born in Africa and then come to America and become an American citizen you are NOT African American. By the way you can also be a white african american, as i am. So to use the term african american to describe what you want to do is flawed. You should use the term black and blacks. Unfortunately a lot of people would think this as being racist, but it is not, it is just the correct usage of language.

  • Go to www.pbs.org – Public Broadcasting System website. PBS just aired (and it’s running through February) a program about exactly this topic. Oprah Winfrey, among other famous African-Americans, has her geneology explored in this program. It’s not a fluff piece either. If you go to the website, you should be able to link to the show and to great info.

  • Here is some information from NPR.org which recently ran a story about tracing African American geneology of celebrities. May not give you all the information you need, but they may mention the methods they used and give you a better reference for searching. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?story…

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    Source(s): npr.org – http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?story…

  • What is African American. What a noncence. African or American. American’s have no geneology i know.

  • The internet and books may give you a general idea; then talk to your relatives as well and find out as much as u can. Some African names are easy to trace. Best of all travel to West Africa, especially Ghana and Liberia amongst others

  • Being from Phjiladelphia Check out the African-American Museum in Philly. tons of material there

  • National Geographic has a study underway involving DNA. It uses your DNA that you send to them, and they try to match it to groups of people in other places in the world. Recently several people from Harvard,Quincy Jones, Chris Tucker-the entertainer and Oprah Winfrey did this trying to trace their geneology. The results were remarkable. In some cases they were able to trace their ancestors to parts of europe and parts of africa. Check Nat Geographics website for more details

    Source(s): national geographic magazine, PBS television

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