What do rain clouds eat,why so much noise in their blackbellies?


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    They don’t really eat, they breathe in the gases that rise up from the land and sea.

    Sometimes their bellies rumble and cause indigestion, which is the form of their dark appearance.

    Thunder and lightning happens when the clouds are stressed in some way, either angry or upset.

    And when they need to ‘do their business’, it comes out as precipitation, from liquid rain to solid ice.

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  • I think, Mainly Rain Cloud”s Food is Liquid Water, But, Some times It Eat Dust and Fatty Oil of Human”s Industrialized Pollution, All Accumulate in It”s Bellies, and Becomes Congested,Pressurised by Fellow Particles ,Hitting Each other with the Noises and Sparks with Each Other, For their Spaces and Elated with the Loosing Energy, Dispersed, and Pouring as Rain.

  • They eat water vapor and the reason for the noise is that their bellies are full of free electrons that are trying to get back to the ground where they belong and they make a lot of noise doing so.

  • Trying a hand at POETRY, yet again eh?

    Well buddy, let your imagination move the clouds today, tomorrow you might move the mountains. Good luck. 🙂

  • They consume hot steam.

  • They eat lightning bolts for breakfeast. Ha ha. (:

  • they won’t get sufficient foods in their bellies which makes them grumble..;p

    they eat simply vapour..;p

  • they are hungry, that’s why 😛

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