What do teachers mean when they say..(language/imagery)?

how does the author use language and imagery in a certian chapter of a book.

What do they want us to write about? because all i think of is they use language to develope characters and imagery to set the scene

but thats not an essay


No but i mean like what would they use language/imagery for

i understand imagery its quite a short explanation but the language, they use it for character building and to create tension but what else

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  • I could say: The carnival was fun, and the bright colors made people happy.

    Or I could say: The carnival was fun. There was a ferris wheel, a rollercoaster, a slam-dunk, and a water tank, to which people flocked.

    The Merry-go_round played it’s gay music, and little children laughed and screamed. There were blues as clear as the sky and reds more fiery than lava. Greens more bright than grass, and yellows that burned lighter than the sun.

    Obviously, in the first sentence, happy people at a carnival is a given.

    But in the second phrase, I explained why.

    .) It was a dark night and I was waiting for my ride.

    [okay…that’s a given.]

    .) It was a dark night. The moon was the only light for miles, and I was alone on the steps of the old library, waiting for my ride.

    the language is the descriptive words: dark, only light, alone, old. the imagery is what paints that picture.

    Do you get a better picture of the first sentence, or the second?

  • Your question is confusing, I don’t know for sure if this is what you’re asking, but here’s my answer based on what I understood you to be asking:

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    Okay, here are your three body paragraph topics (main sentence): the author uses language and imagery in this chapter to show character building, to create tension, and to help readers make a mental picture of what they are reading.

    I don’t think you need exapmles of language and of imagery. Maybe choose two from one and one from the other, like I did. from language and from imagery.

    Then go off into details in each paragraph and give examples. You might say something along the lines of: the description Author used in Chapter Title, was amazing! I felt drawn in, I could imagine the purple tablecloths and smokey atmosphere. Author really knows how to use imagry in this chapter, he makes it feel real. For example, he described the tablecloths as being purple and silky, just like hair. It was almost like water to the touch.

    Or something like that. Hope this helps! Good luck with your essay and talk to your teacher if you need more help, I’m sure he/she would be happy to help. Take care. 🙂

  • Sometimes I feel like that. It depends on what you’re reading. If it’s poetry then it’s easier because there’s no right or wrong answer. But with books and novels it’s a bit harder.

    What I tend to do is wright every description word (shiny, hard, wet etc) from a certain page and think about what images they put into my head when I think of one of those words.

    You’ve got the jist of it though. It IS how the writer sets the scene and developes the characters. If you can picture what each character looks like then the writer has done their job to provide imagery.

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