What do you think of my haiku?

have courage to hope —

though the darkness may linger,

the sun can fight it.


does it make sense? lol


yeah..i didn’t like my ‘lol’ either. I just added it not to sound snobbish online, then regretted it later on anyway. And yes, yes. I know haikus are supposed to be touchy feely and about the beauty of seasons or whatever.

But my homework was to write a haiku about hope, and this is my way of writing about hope.

Update :

(I hope no one is offended. Honestly I can’t be bothered if my haiku is not a haiku therefore a poem. Call it a poem, if you must! I just wrote it out for fun and I don’t even need to hand my homework in…)

✅ Answers

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  • I like it- yes it make sense

  • That it’s not a Haiku, nor anything approaching Haiku status.

  • It is hopeful and hence, you did your homework quite fine. Will give you an A. 🙂

  • It’s nice and it makes sense. Nice job!

  • What put me off was the “lol”

  • It’s good well done:)

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