What does a setting lotion do?

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  • holds a hair style. For example, its GREAT with curls. If you spray some in, the next day your curls will be bouncy and not loose.

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    What is the best brand of semi permanent (1 month ish..) hair dye?

    I want a semi permanent hair dye which will sort of eventually fade out over a month so that I won't have to deal with regrowth. My hair was originally medium mousey brown, and i stupidly permantly died it lighter brown and now there is regrowth. I would just prefer my natural colour back, but i dont know how soooo I want it a slightly darker brown instead. My friend suggested Loreal casting casting creme gloss which sort of stains your hair so that even after a month its still kinda dark brown. Any ideas and responces on brands/colours/good or bad consequences of what will happen? Please help!Open Question perfect 10 is amazazazazzaing here are websites or Loreal makes a good one thats 28 washes, just be sure not to get darkest brown if you want dark brown hair because it will come out black 😛 and it only cost me about $10 - $15 Source(s): http://www.ehow.com/about_4611117_best-b… if you use a semi-permanent dye, my advice to you is not to go more than two shades darker or lighter, or else is wont come out right. most of them will wash out in about 28 washes or so, depending on your Read more

    How should I get my hair cut? *pic included*?

    So I have long hair (it's just passed my boobs) and I want to get a new cut bc I'm tired of this boring straightness. I like the color I have (auburn) but I don't know how I should cut it. I do NOT like scene/emo stuff. I curl it sometimes and stuff but everyone does too, ya know? I just want a cool haircut that not everyone is gonna have. I thought that maybe I could get one like this girl's:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sz_U1XEL… ...but I'm kinda scared! That's a pretty big change from my current style. And heres a pic of me:http://s785.photobucket.com/albums/yy139… Thanks guys :)Open Question I can see you with that haircut! Go for it! People will notice, it will be a big change. And hair grows. you would look stunning with that cut, you have the face structure for it. I have gotten that style before and its easy to do. cute! u should so go with that look or a scrunch! I think you have the perfect face for that hair cut , & i can deffinetley picture you wearinq it ; i say you qo for it ( = Her hair is cute. If your hair is Read more

    How long will it take to grow my hair down to my bum?

    I'm a guy and 26 years old and wanting to grow my hair down to my bum. My current style is chin length with bangs. I've worn it like this for the past 12 years and I'm sick of getting haircuts so I want to let it grow really long. How long should it take me to get it down to my bum and how long will it take to grow out my bangs? I want to get all my hair to one length? This is the length it is now except the bangs are shorter: http://www.bobcut.com/hairstyle-photos/images/623070.jpg This is how long I want it to be: http://www.longhair.org/whatsnew/Shellysm105.jpg So my hair is quite thick and healthy and it grows fast but I still think it has more potential. Are there any tips or secrets to maximize growth and make it healthier so it’s soft, smooth and shiny and always looks great? ThanksOpen Question about 2 months Source(s): i have long hair and it took that long!!!!!! There is no way to make your hair grow faster. All you can do is to stop it from breaking which will make it "grow faster" because the ends won't be coming off and such. Read more

    Whats a good shampoo for me?

    i have really oily and flat hair! ive tried everything and nothing seems to work for me! whats a good shampoo for oily hair that also gives volume and that isnt so expensize? btw i have static-y hair also =/Open Question Aussie is the best shampoo ever!! Umm there is one.... iForqot Whaa its called... Butt its inn Thee Aussie Sectionn. Dont 4qet 3MinuteMiracle From Aussie:DD okayyy. this might sound retarded and what not. but it works. (: i have the same type of hair. it's terribly annoying. the shampoo i use is by Equate, and if you know what that is, it's a general-junk brand that walmart sells for like three dollars for a big bottle. and for me, what it does is basically give my hair that "back to basics" feel. really soft. some volume. no greasy crap. so when i shower, i use about a quarter size of that TWICE. makes my hair double soft and nice. (: and then for conditioner, (which i usually don't like using since i'm afraid it'll make my even more greasy) is just the Equate conditioner. not heavy. just enough softness and shine. both bottles together i think was like six Read more

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