What does this mean " my clock is ticking i need to put it on hold before i get myself in trouble "?

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  • “Ticking clock” is a phrase often used in relation to (some) females’ legitimate concern about waiting too long to have a baby, but it could refer to anything important that we’ve set on a schedule. This person seems to be saying that the window may be closing – in fact, it is closing on a possible opportunity, but s/he wants to be careful not to do something stupid now and wreck her/his entire life.

  • Generally, the quote, `My clock is ticking`, is accepted as meaning that

    time is passing and someon`e hormones are having them `broody` and `hot` to have a baby.

    If that`s the meaning here the rest likely indicates the person`s concerned that

    they`ll `accidentally on purpose` become enceinte n matter how inconvenient it is

    or how suitable or otherwise the partner (hormones are heck to resist!).

    It might mean something completely different in poetry/ literary parlance

    or in a specific write, refer to a deadline of another type.

    This is the best so far, that I know of.


  • The first part is pretty self evident and explanatory, unstoppable Inevitability. The second segment is a bit more vague, though given the time in any life span, “trouble” at some point may seek us out and find us.

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