What ethnicity do I look like?

See if you can guess correctly! I get many different answers when I ask this question.


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  • To me, you look like Mediterranean mixed with something a little lighter. Alternatively, maybe just a tan Scandinavian.

  • Russian

  • Russian

  • English French and Lebanese

  • Irish

  • White – French

  • Maybe Aztec, Spanish, little Italian (but you obviously died you hair blond), perhaps Israeli? Who knows. Kind of cheesy picture, a little scary, no offense.

    Are you going to tell us after we all guess? Why do you want to know what other people think of you?

  • Macedoian, Serbian, Kroation, German, Italian

  • I was going to guess Polish also,

    but I notice your photo doesn’t look much like your yahoo avitar .. but whose does ?? lol

  • polish or russian, possibly Czechoslovakian maybe a lil latina

    your very pretty by the way!

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