What games should I buy?


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    Well, the obvious choice would be Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas. Both are post-apocalyptic games and can take up many hours of your time. If you are looking for Skyrim-like hours putting into a game, these will be good choices.

    Dead Island is another one that you can put a lot of time in to. There is quite a bit to do in that game. Not quite Skyrim-like hours, but still plenty of time spent in it.

  • Fallout game of the year edition or fallout new Vegas ultimate edition. Both great games and all dlc worth it. Also I loved metro . Look into that maybe .its a post apocalyptic Russia and its pretty fun.

  • The Walking Dead.

    Story-focused zombie game with branching dialog and story-changing decisions. Very good voice acting and writing.

    I played it through times and cried at the ending scene each time (first media to ever make me cry, and I cried a LOT).

  • How about “lone survivor”, it a PC game, with puzzles, surviving, and zombies great game I think there different endings when you beat the game and it’s quite thrilling!

    Source(s): Played it, beat it 🙂

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  • Dead Island maybe?

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