What is a good book that deals with how fashion affects society?

I’m looking for a good book, fiction or non-fiction that has a theme dealing with fashion’s affect on society to use as a main text to analyze for my research paper. Any suggestions?


Ok, I’m not looking for criticism of the subject choice, that’s for me to argue in my paper. I’m looking for book suggestions if you have any. Thanks.

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  • I think you’re putting the cart before the horse. Most fashions cause no lasting changes, but are merely brief mirrors of society.

    As much as they like to pretend, fashion designers don’t even set styles. Blue jeans weren’t made fashionable, musical styles aren’t a response to costumes, heroin didn’t become popular because of models, and world events don’t remotely hinge on a small circle of ephemeral artists.

  • I would look for something more along the lines of how society affects fashion.

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