What is my risk for having an STD?

I’ve only had one partner, and this person had never done anything with anyone else besides manual stuff (fingering, handjobs). We have never cheated on each other, and besides his prior activities with that one girl (yes, it’s only been one), he has done everything for the first time with me and I’ve done everything for the first time with him.

What’s my risk? Thanks.

✅ Answers

  • You’re not at risk, as far as I’m concerned. Of course you still need to be cautious in case your boyfriend decides to cheat on you, and sleep around with other women and you. But of course that’s an entirely different relationship/sex topic, so as long as you know your man isn’t foolin’ then feel safe. A yearly checkup (blood+ urine tests) might be nice for you both so you always have peace of mind.

  • Well as long as your partner is telling you the truth how can you be at risk , just always be care full and wash your hands and everything will be as sweet as roses.

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