what is the best way to publish and market a paper back book? I have pages with words per page done.?

I would also like to know if there is any way to make money with it and, do I have enough meterial ?

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  • I’m going to go ahead and say you don’t have nearly enough material.

    The original Harry Potter — which was a very, very short childrens book — was nearly twice as long as what you’ve got right now.

    As for the way you make money with it: that’s easy. Begin shopping it to agents. If one bites, they attempt to sell it to a publisher. If that goes through, and the book sells, you make money. Sometimes the publisher will also send you a flat-rate commission, which will be more or less depending on your previous work.

  • Well done for writing that much.

    There person above said that it barely is enough, i have to disagree.

    Many short books have become very successful. For example the book “holes”. It also is a movie!

    Just go ahead a try to contact some publishers.

    Oh, and make sure you have edited, edited, and edited some more.

    Im currently writing my first book as well. I have wrote around…, words and im barely into it. Im hoping to reach , or so.

    Hope to see your book on the shelves and maybe you may see mine 😀

    Have a good one and keep up the good work!

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