what is the first thing you think of if a story was called Winter Girl?

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  • A girl who is related to winter in a special way.

  • Winter

  • A girl who either controls some winter elements, or a girl who comes from a winter place.

  • That it was the girl’s name. I went to school with a girl whose name was Ann Winter but that was sixty five years ago. Those were the days.

    Source(s): Experience.

  • A drama story about a teen/preteen/young girl who lives a life in one of the cold parts of the world

    Source(s): My guess

  • A girl, preteen or teenager, left to fend for herself and survive a desolate, freezing winter.

    Or, maybe, a teenager who is going thru some kind of depression.

    Or both.

    And she come thru as a survivor.

  • Mystery story with a white wolf and a girl from an ancient tribe who may or may not have supernatural powers.

  • I’d instantly assume it was a teen coming of age story with a female as the main protagonist.

    Source(s): My reaction.

  • Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. It’s a little too similar I think.

  • A superhero type girl who flies around the world making it snow everywhere .

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