What is the meaning of this poem? please help points.?

love note by gwendolyn brooks

still, it is dear defiance now to carry

fair flags of you above my indignation,

top, with a pretty glory and a merry

softness, the scattered pound of my cold passion.

i pull you down my foxhole. do you mind?

you burn in bits of saucy color and then.

i let you flutter out against the pained

volleys. against my power crumpled and wan

you, and the yellow pert exuberance

of dandelion days, unmocking sun:

the blowing of clear wind in your gay hair;

love changeful in you (like a music or like a sweet mournfulness, or like a dance,

or like the tender struggle of a fan).

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  • it’s about a man day dreaming about a girl during WWI

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