What is the name of this book?

I doubt anyone will know but I’m looking for the name of a book I read around years ago! It was a short chapter book for children I believe. It was about a girl who had several brothers and sisters and they were all named after colors(the parents were artists). The main girl discovered her name was not a color and went on a search for her real parents! I think it was in Italy but I’m not sure.

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  • Saffy’s Angel by Hilary McKay

    “The novel begins with Saffron searching through the colour chart pinned up in her house, looking for her name. The characters are introduced. While Saffron searches, the health visitor is checking up on Rose, her new sister. The health visitor then discovers Rose has been sucking Caddy’s paint tubes. The health visitor takes Rose to Casualty. Saffron finds out that she was adopted by Bill and Eve, after Saffron’s mother, who is Eve’s sister, is killed in a car crash and becomes deeply upset, despite being comforted by her family. The story fast forwards to when Rose is years old. Rose starts school (a year late according to the health visitor) and draws her first picture, which her teacher pastes to the wall. Rose is very upset and persuades Indigo to steal her picture and Caddy to draw an identical one to go up on the wall instead. Rose, Indigo, Saffron and Caddy’s grandfather visits and Caddy has another disastrous driving lesson and tells her driving instructor, Michael about failing all her exams.”

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  • one million. Mosquito Coast two. Little Men three. Jo’s Boys four. The Awakening five. The Island (A South African paintings written via Athol Fugard) . Doctor Zhivago . The Crucible eight. Mansfield Park nine. Northanger Abbey . Tar Baby

  • Sorry I wish I could be sure but It might be Saffy’s Angel

  • Saffys angel?

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