what is the poem the soldier by rupert brooke about?

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  • Rupert Brooke began writing his war poetry at the beginning of the war before the horrors fully began. His poems reflected Britain’s feelings of the war- the patriotism and pride in our country and our culture. Britain was a nation of formidable power in the past. Look at the British empire that was spread all over the world, we came and we conquered, we killed dominated and took what we made our right. In though Britain’s power had somewhat dwindled there was still a very strong sense of pride at our might. British patriotism was almost a religion back then. Men like Brooke felt that they were doing a great honourable deed by fighting for their country. This poem is about Brooke’s strength of feeling in British-English patriotism. He felt that no matter where he died, no matter where his grave placed, that part of land would be English, because he was there and carried it was with him. Later poets such as Siegfried Sassoon, Isaac Rosenberg and Wilfred Owen felt a bitterness at what they had been through and had to bear witness. These are remembered more for capturing the horrors that world war one held.

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