What is your favorite baby names?

am expecting my first baby although I don’t know who the father is am very excited.

My favorite baby name is Melissa because it’s also my sister’s name and I love her but I also love the name


Also do you like the name Shekina I don’t know if this is the right spelling but …..

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  • Good Luck and Congrats on the baby!

    I don’t like the name Shekina its really strange to me…Melissa is a cute name one of my friends name is Melissa and I think its gorgeous!

    For girls

    Ziva Renae

    Delilah Elisabeth

    Layla Claire

    For Boys

    Donovan James

    Tristan Xavier

    Ethan Wyatt

    Those are just my top …I love names and could go on forever lol! If you want more you can send me a message and I would be happy to give you my full list 🙂

  • No, I am not a fan of the name Shekina……

    There are so many gorgeous names for girls – Sophia, Ava, Charlotte, Sarah, Lara, Amaya, Mya, Mikayla, Emily, Sabrina, Jorja, Mackenzie, Melania, Paige, Emma, Sophie……I could go on.

    Good luck!

  • Girl- Audree Grace

    Boy- Brody Dyce

  • I dont like Shelina. Melissa is cute and good nickname would be Lissa.

    My favorites:

    Girl- Jasmine Delilah

    Boy- Wyatt Russell

  • Not really a big fan of Melissa or Shekina.

    My favourites, although they change regularly are:













    Source(s): Having a boy so have more boys names than girls

  • overly weird strange have no idea how to pronounce it. Melissa is a good nice normal name

  • melody




    something common but not too common you wouldnt want to have a name that gives you problems

  • No, I don’t like that name. It’s just kinda weird.

    Melissa is cute, but my favorite baby name is Novie. That’s my daughter’s name. 😀

  • i like cory melissa

    my names r

    . isabella makenzie

    . leah alexis

    . cory seanna ryder


    . jason alexander

    . caden matthew

    . bradan james

  • don’t be afraid to choose a really rare name, my name is daphne (like in scooby doo) (only my best friends call me nicole). my sister’s names are: emilie, blair, elle (ell-LIE) and noelle (no-ELLE) my daughters name will be zora nolie. (NO-lie) (it was my sisters idea)

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