What was the last thing to tug on your heart strings…?


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    A young father finally being able to afford his family to come and live with him in the documentary ‘Welcome to India’ … I would glady have paid for them myself, he seems like such a cheerful, honest and hardworking fella 🙂

  • A compliment I got yesterday !

    My year old daughter last weekend !

    The news and a sad story.

  • A year ago (and everyday since) = Him

    Just the other day = a cute puppy who was rescued from his home in which the people would kick, burn and beat him

    Last night = brringing back sad memories

    Cheers =)

  • something that tugs on heart strings.

  • I truthfully have tears in my eyes as I write this. once you have ever been very close to to an elderly man or woman, this fairly beautiful, profound poem takes on even extra meaning. sure, their bodies have grown previous, yet their minds have not. SEE into their eyes, and also you’ll see their recommendations, their yearning to do the flaws they now not are able to do, the lonliness of being previous in a comfortable international, the phobia that no man or woman cares, the shortcoming of independence, the indignity of being on the mercy of others, and extremely often, the very concern of demise itself. once you’ve each fairly favourite & loved an elderly man or woman, you’ll understand what i’m declaring. you’ll finally end up wishing that you would possibly want to turn lower back the palms of time, and cause them to youthful once lower back. i in my opinion do not ought to attend “get there” to be able to “SEE.” i believe so blessed to have favourite & loved a really tremendous woman (she change into like a mom to me) – she further a lot to my existence including her awareness, compassion, tremendous wit, and loving spirit. I bypass over her a lot! Our elderly are fairly truthfully one of existence’s maximum ideal treasures!! enable’s continually be efficient you treasure each second with them! thanks for sharing.

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  • Geppetto

  • The song “Bury me not in the lone prairie” by William Elliot Whitmore. I dont know why but it always makes me get onto the brink of crying.

  • Some homeless person found his way into my chest cavity and thought they were guitar strings.

  • i havent had a good tug in months

  • FB pic of a soldier and his young daughter playing tea time.

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