what would cause a car to lose all power. It idles great, but as soon as you give it gas it boggs down?

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  • a bad set of plugs or a bad throttle position sensor or even a clogged air filter will cause that too happen to it,,if you have it scanned you may get a trouble code from it that will help you in finding out whats wrong with it,even a bad – sensor will cause one to bog down like that,you need to give us an engine size and year of the vehicle,good luck.

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  • I thing it could be the fuel filter. if you haven’t changed it, well is a good time now. I had the same related problem but with a ford contour. and I ended up changing a fuel filter and a fuel pump. everytime a hit the gas pedal all the way, it would bogg or just turn off. try the fuel filter first and then if it doesn’t resolve the problem then it could be a fuel pump problem. now don’t discard other problems such as a coil pack or spark plugs and wires. check those out too. good luck with your car.

  • Sounds like somethings going on with your air/fuel mixture. Possibly a faulty mass air flow sensor. Also maybe a bad fuel pump/filter

  • It would help if you give just a little more information like brand and engine. But if i had to guess you have a fuel related problem such as fuel pump, check fuel pressure.

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  • Have Muffler man check your Catalytic converter i don’t know where this is spieled right or not. But have it check out it’s is proble stop up

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    It will cause this.

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