What’s the worst that can happen if you lower the action by yourself [guitar]?

I’ve had no experience fixing guitars. Never even changed strings in my life. But I want to make my guitar a bit easier to play and I took it to my local shop. They said $. That’s a little on the steep side for me, so I was just wondering whether I should just do it by myself. How hard is it to sand down a saddle? What’s the worst thing that I could break?

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  • $ is a bargain to not ruin your guitar. Im guessing you have an acoustic since you said sand your saddle. If thats what you are thinking of doing, my suggestion is to go on Ebay and get a cheap saddle, and mess with that. If it doesn’t work out for you, put the saddle back in that you have. Its not terribly hard to sand the saddle, but most likely you need a neck adjustment. Try tuning down a half step also, it makes the strings a little easier to play. Also, light gauge is best for being easier.

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