When are they going to start having auditions and casting for Pirates of The Caribbean ?

I heard that they announced it is official the other day.

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  • “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” is in active development and filming begins in April or May of . there will be several new main characters cast for the film, as well as numerous supporting roles and extras. The auditions and casting information is now posted here:


  • “Theyre” are most likely a production company thats behind the movie and theyre will have info on any auditions on theyre home page. The production company off a particular movie is always showed at the start of a movie (Or in some case, tv mostly, at the end.) and they could be called such things as Bad Robot and fathers. Johan

    See the link above (the hanna montana one) for info about casting. To make it complicated some production companys hire people to do the casting for them. Johan.

  • I think I will try out for a pirate!! Arrrrggghhhh!!!

  • I LOVE Johnny Depp!!!!

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