Who was the MOST RECENT ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II to be born on the island of Ireland?

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  • Elizabeth II’s Anglo-Irish ancestry by way of her mother, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, dates back to the th-century when eight of her five-times great grandparents lived in Ireland. These ancestors were neither native Roman Catholic Irish nor Protestant Ulster Irish:

    —Francis Tucker (-) and wife, Dorothy Smith (-) of Dublin

    —John Baker of Kilkenny (abt, -) and wife, surnamed Bushe (d. )

    —Richard Colley, later Wesley, Baron of Mornington (-), and wife, Elizabeth Sale b. ).

    —Arthur Hill-Trevor, Viscount Dungannon, and wife, Anne Stafford

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  • The most recent ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II to be born on the island of Ireland was Richard Colley Wesley, later Lord Wellesley, st Marquess Wellesley, KG, PC, PC (Ire) (Born June in Co Meath – died September in London), styled Viscount Wellesley from birth until . He was a xgreat-grandfather of the Queen.

    Richard Colley Wesley (-)

    Anne Wellesley (-)

    Charles Cavendish-Bentinck (-)

    Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck (-)

    Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (-)

    Queen Elizabeth II (- )

    On her father’s side Isabel de Clare, th Countess of Pembroke and the daughter of Strongbow (-), was born in in Ireland. She was a xgreat-grandmother of the Queen. There may be more recent ones but I have not seen any.

    Aoife MacMurrough (–)

    Isabel de Clare, th Countess of Pembroke (-)

    Isabel Marshal (-)

    Isabella of Gloucester and Hertford (-)

    Robert de Brus, th Lord of Annandale (-)

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    Robert I of Scotland (-)

    Marjorie Bruce (-)

    Robert II of Scotland (-)

    Robert III of Scotland (-)

    James I of Scotland (-)

    James II of Scotland (-)

    James III of Scotland (-)

    James IV of Scotland (-)

    James V of Scotland (-)

    Mary, Queen of Scots (-)

    James VI of Scotland /James I of England (-)

    Elizabeth of Bohemia (-)

    Sophia of Hanover (-)

    George I (-)

    George II (-)

    Frederick, Prince of Wales (-)

    George III (-)

    Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (-)

    Victoria (-)

    Edward VII (-)

    George V (-)

    George VI (-)

    Elizabeth II (- )

    Source(s): Wikipedia

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