Why can’t I see myself objectively?

I’m good at giving others advice and can see past the image a person puts out there. However it’s really hard for me to do that with myself…I’ve been told I’m very self-aware and to an extent I am, like I realize the bad behavior patterns in my life I need to work on. But I have a really hard time telling how people see me and it oftentimes takes someone else to point out to me if I’m thinking irrationally

How can I see myself in an unbiased way?

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  • It depends. There are various factors which have also to be looked into while examining such critical issues. I mean it depends whether you are selfish or unselfish. It also depends whether you have ego and self-esteem or not. In general it depends on your liking also. Do you want to see your own self objectively or subjectively. Even if the whole world misunderstands you, nothing is lost. You are what you are.

    Infinite, stable, eternal, immaculate, equanimous and solid awareness are you at all times.

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  • The human mind cannot see anything objectively. The mind is purely subjective. Often we see what we want to see and ignore what we do not want to see. It may be that you see past other’s facades because you WANT to see the ‘real’ them (as far as your subjective mind can). Whereas you are almost scared to see the ‘real’ you. All human beings put on images/ facades. It’s almost like a defense mechanism. We do not want to reveal ourselves fully; we are vulnerable. The image is safe. Tearing down the layers of images you have built up for yourself would be potentially damaging. Self-awareness is potentially damaging if one is not ready for it. You are comfortable in your thoughts. It would be both uncomfortable and impossible for you to objectively know you are thinking irrationally for there is no ‘objective knowing’ in the human mind.

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    What I’m trying to get across is that you cannot possibly ever see yourself in an unbiased way. Though it is possible to become more self-aware. You can tear down the strips of personality you may build up for yourself but the reason this is difficult is simple: these layers are protective. Exposing the ‘real’ you is potentially damaging…not because you lack self confidence (though this could be the factor in some people’s cases), but because we ever so often do not like what shadows lie beneath the surface. The human mind is a scary and largely unexplored area, especially the unconscious where our hidden motives may lie.

    Psychologists such as Jung say that to understand your personality fully you must understand both the outside image of your personality and the unconscious parts of your personality, something he terms, the ‘shadow’ personality. The conscious personality can be seen through in depth self evaluation (though this will always be subjective dependent on who is evaluating you), whereas the ‘shadow’ of your personality could arguably be seen through dreams. Some suggest that to understand yourself better, you should keep a dream diary (though it will still be subjective dependent on who is evaluating the dreams).

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  • We are all like that though. In order to self-improve, we need objective criticism… which must necessarily come from others because we can never give it to ourselves. That is why I feel its so important to have honest friends who will call you out.

  • To be objective means to view from the outside, fairly, and without emotion. you cannot view yourself without emotion.

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    To view yourself in an unbiased way talk to someone you trust and listen to what they say.

  • Why on earth would you want to . To live Socrates “Examined life” is simply to live by the ethics it has even less to do with How Others see you . On the day he was to die Socrates told his friend Critos It does not matter what others think of you it only matters that you do what’s right

  • One cannot be “Objective” about Self….

    We will always be biased

  • a viewpoint is necessarily subjective. it is a point of view, and that’s what subjectivity is

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