Why didn’t people like Jimmy Carter as pres?

I wasn’t alive.

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  • He complelely mishandled Iraq, allowing our ally to fall into the hands of Islamofascists and for Americans to be held hostage for over a year.

    He knuckled down under OPEC and helped cause a gas shortage in which there were riots and murders.

    He imposed a national speed limit of mph.

    He gave a speech berating Americans for feeling glum, his infamous “malaise” lecture.

    He believed in the global warming hoax and admonished Americans to turn down their thermostats and put on sweaters.

    He created the Department of Education, taking power away from the local level to run schools.

    He welcomed terrorists to the White House.

    He has an embarrassing hillbilly brother who often showed up drunk at official events.

    He was attacked by a rabbit while paddling a canoe and barely escaped.

  • So many good and definitive answers here.He was liberalism personified -but like obama campaigned as someone the polar opposite.He believed in one world government & banking .He actually worked to make the USA weaker -not stronger .He felt we were too strong too rich.The clean air and clean water act were not to protect our ecology,but to halt industrialization in America.To put us on what he called “An even playing field with the rest of the world”(his exact words)Interest rates so astronomically high that purchasing a home was out of the question for middle income Americans.He allowed rouge nations to push us around -to call our bluff and they did .worked with Cuba to have the mariel boat lift -Vietnamese boat people and any other rd World countries people to flood our borders feeling that ,that too would weaken us by allowing millions of un educated unskilled people to become US citizens.The entire Iran crisis and what we have experienced on / falls solely on Carters lap.He ignore the Iranian revolution ,the ousting of the Shah and stood by like a deer in the headlights while the ayatollah seized power and extreme fanatical Muslim’s became the norm.I could go on and on but truly its a novel in length.Did someone really say he put a sweater on- now that’s history,must have been educated under the national dept. of ed. standards (created by carter)

    Source(s): jimmy carter-profile in incompetence

  • . F’d up the Iran hostge situation.

    . Approved sweeping cuts in development of the Space Shuttle that eventually led to the loss of two crews.

    . His brother Billy.

    . He tried to club a vicious attack bunny with a canoe paddle.

    . He gave away the Panama Canal.

    . He managed to look even more effeminate in a sweater than Mister Rogers did.

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    . Billy again.

  • I was.

    I remember I voted for him, it was my first Presidential Election and my roomie worked on his campaign.

    THEN….prices on everything climbed. We were told we had to turn our thermostats down to . Gas lines got longer and longer.

    THEN…. there was this Ayatollah fella who caused this overthrow in Iran and suddenly we were flooded with images of American citizens with guns to their heads. One of those crazy wack jobs is now the new leader of Iran.

    And Carter sat on TV looking scared, and weak and teary.

    There was a botch rescue attempt which was only more demoralizing.

    And prices got higher, unemployment was through the roof and gas as getting ridiculous.

    Carter just simpered and whined and I remember thinking “He’s supposed to be protecting us! Fighting for us! Not lecturing us on saving energy!”

    days our people were held captive. And Carter left the office as the most spineless, useless POTUS ever.

    I always had the image of the US as woman being gang raped and Carter on the sidelines, wringing his hands and saying “that’s not nice! stop!”

    And not a damn thing more.


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  • It is one of those period of times that you actually had to live through, I did and still can’t believe the manipulation by the “Powers that Be”..just to see what they could get by with…Once again Democrats manipulation…


    Why more people do not know history and who got us into this mess is the sole responsibility of the various school districts across the United States for not educating the children and telling them the truth…

  • Lost jobs, astronomical inflation. % interest home loans. Sounds good. Looks like it’s on the way back. Just give him a little more time and a lot more of our money.

  • I was he was totally ineffective.

    Then he could not get the American Hostages released and did not have the decency to blow the Iranian Emabassy to the sky and send the Ayatollah Khomeini to wherever it is dead Muslims go.

    Source(s): Carter was the worst and I have seen them since Ike.
    Until bama

  • -“hey, can we have Panama Canal?” “Sure, why not”. Now China controls it.

    -inflation rates through the roof

    -% housing mortgages

    -gas lines

    -double digit unemployment

    -ditched the Shah.

    -ticked off Iran by letting the Shah come to the US, leading to:

    -Americans held hostage for a year and a half, because he strained rescue attempt so much by trying to make it non-lethal, that this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmdxwppAhappened…

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  • He was considered a better man than president.

    Jimmy Carter was plagued by the economical struggles and the crises that were result of the Vietnam War.

    Our government spent nearly every resource we had on fighting that war and didn’t save face.

    He wasn’t the only president that had the problems, Ford, Nixon, and Johnson all had economic struggles. And this was due to the attrition of war, and the fact we spent all our gold on a war we lost.

  • he was like the Obama he came in when there were gas lines & an energy crisis & he put on his sweater in the white house to save our energy…I remember that changed my life…I decided to work hard to do that right thing & I hated wearing sweaters but I did….he was just blamed for everyone the Obama is when the repulicans Presidents take no responsibility….he was known by republican as some hick from the south when he was actually not just a peanut farmer he was a rock scientist for real but I never knew that cause he was a humble man….Obama is a Dr. but he never goes by Dr. Obama & his mother is seen as some hippy who got pregnant by a black man but she too was a Dr. of Anthropology…so find some dem/libs who are knowledgable about history & make them your mentors cause if you listen to reps. you get a story that never happened.

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