Windows Movie Maker help! URGENT?

So.. I’ll try explain this as good as I can.

I’m making a skateboard video of my friend.

I wanted it so that he’s going along, and then when he pulls the trick it’s slow motion and as soon as he lands its back to normal speed. I done this by splitting the video and adding slow motion onto the one I wanted. But, I also put in a photo of him in the air half way through the slow mo. This appears to have made him finishing the trick in slow motion as well, which I do not want! I went to see if there was an affect on the cropped landing video and there isn’t, but it’s still slow motion? When I render it it’s not in slow motion which is good, but it has messed the music up by cutting it and being out of time some how. Any help?? If you need a better explanation or even the video give me your email and we’ll sort something. Thank you! ALL advice is appreciated.


  • From experience of using movie maker, this sounds like a familiar problem with the application.

    I call it movie maker madness, basically I don’t know how to explain the problem exactly because I don’t usually bother, as it is much easier to just start again.

    I know it’s annoying and if it’s a big project it’s a pain but in most cases it was the best option for me.

    Next time I would suggest possibly using a different video editing software.

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