Wrote an english poem..is it good or bad?

pls help me check if the grammar and use of vocabularies are right…cuz i’m not a native English speaker…Also..find a suitable title for this poem 🙂

Whenever I see you,

I can feel the butterflies flying inside of me.

A part of me says “talk to him!”

But I don’t have the nerve to.

We’ve known each other for ages,

But you’ve never spoken to me.

I wonder what is the reason,

Are you trying to avoid me?

You keep me captivated,

And enchanting too.

Especially your curly hair,

Which leave me awestruck.

I still remember that day,

When you freaked me out

With your scary costume

That paralyzed me with fear.

I would be the happiest girl on earth,

If only you would talk to me.

I would like you to bear this in mind,

That I will love you forever and always!


I neeeeeeed a title for this poem 🙂

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  • To be brutally honest – something know is probably not what you want to hear – I feel it’s a bit trite and blunt. Some poems are simple, but the simplicity holds complexity. Try to enhance your use of metaphor. There isn’t much power here and it is probably more difficult because you do not have a poetic mastery of English. If you choose to, you will gain this with time as you read, write, and analyze the subtleties of the language and its natural rhythms. Of course, you aren’t limited to English in your outside work, but in the realms of this assignment I am assuming you are.

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  • It’s fundamental for the phrases to be within the right order. You have got to purchase books for your first language (Arabic, and so forth) to coach you English grammar, punctuation and spelling or find internet sites that educate you this knowledge. You would also take English classes within the evening at a neighborhood tuition. Study all of the phrases in relation to grammar – Noun (an object or character) Verb (an action) Adjective (a characteristic of an object or individual – black/white, tall/brief, and so forth) Adverb (how an action is performed – rapidly, badly, etc)Prepositions (space or time relationships – inside of, external, between, on, in, above, before, after, later, and many others) field – The character performing an motion Direct Object – The character or thing that the action immediately impacts indirect Object – The man or woman or thing that the motion not directly affects or when/the place the action happans. For example – The tall man kicks the blue football into the intention. The tall man (subject noun) kicks (verb = motion) the blue (adjective) football (direct object – noun) into (preposition – an area relationship between the football and the intention) the intention (indirect object – noun) can you determine Nouns, Verbs, The discipline of a sentence, and many others in your first language (Arabic, and so forth)? Apply this talent most commonly. Do you have an understanding of how Nouns, Verbs, etc work on your first language and the place they should be in a sentence? When you have learnt the foundations of English grammar, read and gain knowledge of English textual content in magazines or story-books and verify that you simply appreciate why the words in each and every sentence are in that order. Ask an English-speakme character to reply any questions that you’ve.

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  • Heeeey,its very good,i’m brazilian and i write a lot poems,i write music lyrics in english,i have a band,i believe that I have a message to convey to the people…well,you write very good,congratulations

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