Is Tarte a good make up brand?

-Do they have good color payoff? – Is it organic? – Is it tested on animals? ✅ Answers ? Best Answer Yes, I love Tarte products! They are a little overpriced, but it`s worth it because they are organic and do not test on animals! They have very natural products that are comfortable to wear … Read more

Im 11 and i want to wer makeup ?

im 11 and i want to wear makeup but i dnt want to look tarty how to i wear keepp with out looking tarty? ✅ Answers Answerer 1 Best if you learn to spell first. By then, with luck, you should be grown up and then you can wear make up. Sign in to vote! … Read more

MAC brushes/ NYX eyeshadows?

What are some MAC brushes that are good for beginners. What about NYX eyeshadows? any must have colors, or colors you just love? Thanks! ✅ Answers Answerer 1 my MAC must haves 188 187 109 – foundation/blush & bronzer brushes (just need 1 of these) 239 – best for applying color 2 your lid 217 … Read more

How should i do my make-up?

okay tomorrow for children in need we can wear what we want ti school. i am wearing dark jeans, plain white vest shirt and a grey cardigan with loose flappy sides with my pink and black plait shoes (i need more shoes!) but i don’t know what make-up style to go for. i am also … Read more

M.a.c mineral foundation, or i.d Bareminerals?

I’ve run out of i.d bareminerals which was working out great for me, just in time i’ve received a late birthday present in the mail, a m.a.c gift card. Has anyone tried the mineral foundation from m.a.c? would you recommend it?Open Question go to and read the reviews on it 🙂 you can type … Read more

Breakouts using dream matte mousse?

before i bought this, my skin was like spotfree, smooth. now it’s nothing like that at all from using this foundation. what way can i make it so it doesnt cause so many spots. nd don’t be smart and say stop using it. it’s really good coverage. ✅ Answers Answerer 1 Hey, I totally agree … Read more