What is the best liquid eye liner brand?

i have maybellene but it sucks, it use to work fine but ever since they changed it, i dont like it. so let me knw what brands are good for liquid eye liner. thnks ✅ Answers ? Best Answer The best liquid liner is Wet N Wild H20 proof liquid liner! These literally stay on … Read more

Colors and tips to make green eyes really pretty?

Plz help…never can find the right colors… ✅ Answers ? Best Answer I have green eyes too and these are the colors that make my eyes pop: dark purple, pink, burgundy, gold, magenta, copper, bronze, silver, gray, black, etc. Try this look out: Light purple all over the lid and put a dark purple in … Read more

How Can i make my eyes stand out more?

Any qood tips? heres a picture of meh 🙂 thanks!!! X3 http://s938.photobucket.com/albums/ad221/dAnceRo01/?action=view&current=adayatfM005.jpg ✅ Answers Answerer 1 – Use more eyeliner [outline yer hole eye, but don’t make it look like a raccoon!] – Wear colored contacts – Use eyeshadow – Use mascara Hope I helped (: Sign in to vote! Answerer 2 http://www.target.com/s/181-7416267-6083… Sign in … Read more

How do you minimize your pores?

I use Cover Fx foundation (from Sephora but it’s REALLY thick) and Bare Minerals powder and blush but it doesn’t cover! HELPOpen Question egg white masks are one way: here’s a few others::http://myblogonbeauty.blogspot.com/2008/… Your prbly going to hate to hear this, but the only true way to fight all skin problems including wide pores is … Read more

How can I make the sides of my face wider?

Yes, its a very stupid question I know but I have a long thin face especially at the sides. Is there a way to fatten them up a bit, besides gaining weight because I am happy and healthy with my weight right now.Open Question i have never even heard of a person wanting to make … Read more

Where can I buy a highlighter for my eyes but cheap?

Answer QuestionOpen Question I personally love Almay’s double sided eyeliner pencils, one side is a good brown pencil and the other is a highlighter pencil. Since they are sold together, you are guaranteed complimenting colors. Revelon sells a concealer and highlighter duo. It’s around $10 but well worth it. You can buy a eye highlighter … Read more