problem with computer booting?

i have this problem with my desktop computer,when i try booting it it tells me that,”input signal out of range” i try solving this problem but can not find a solution. 1 Answer 🥇 Favorite Answer your video card might be damaged ,if your in the us it might not be reading your hard drive … Read more

i have a dell lattitude d531 laptop,but for some reason my wireless button doesnt seem to work,any suggestions?

ive got a dell d531 lattitude laptop, ive had it for 6months now,recently ive reinstalled windows, after that my wireless button does not work neither can i connect to internet via wireless connection, any suggestions? i would appreciate it much if someone could help me on this topic, thank 4 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer … Read more

Is there a fake Russian AV hack attack on the web now?

I learned of this latest threat but I’m unsure what AV hack attacks are and what they do. 1 Answer Yes, here is a great description of what they are. Essentially they are websites made to look like the interface of an anti-virus software program… Source(s):…10

what does spyware mean?

hey guys when ever i do a virus scan something called spyware comes up i know its a virus but i dont exactly know what it does to your computer does it let people see what your doing and let them control your computer when your on or what? 8 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer … Read more